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Post  Sooyoung on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:52 pm

The title of your post must be of the form: Nickname (Class)
For example: Martin (High Priest)

- Character

Planned WoE build+Planned gears+Planned WoE skilltree (
Current gears & stats (A real screenshot please.):
Current Level/Class:

- General Questions

Why do you wanna join us?

Do you know anyone from the guild here?

What is the experience you have in the class you want to play?

Old guilds/servers?

- About WoE

Availability for WoE?

Weekly time you spend on getting mats for WoE?

Types and quantities of used consumables? Type what you carry to the battlefield (according to your Weight limit).

Do you have Gym pass on your character?

Why do you think we should recruit you?

Are you using Teamspeak? Do you have a microphone?

Explain your role as your class.

What's your position on our LP?


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